About Us


Our Story

Sabaoth Films was officially founded in March, 2017 by Daniel Duane. Before then he worked as an independent "camera for hire." After many years working solo he realized his endeavors were too large for any one man, thus a fellowship of filmmakers was born.

Our Philosophy

At Sabaoth Films our motto is "live to entertain and inspire". We are dedicated to creating quality and wholesome entertainment that inspires, motivates, and captivates others. What sets us apart from other creators is that we focus on the heart of storytelling: People. We believe that stories of humanity are essential to convey the message of our products, whether it's a music video, television commercial, or feature film.

The Crew

The coolest kats in town, each of them is a creative genius in their own right. They've dedicated their lives to the art of storytelling and their passion meets no bounds…

Daniel Duane

Daniel Duane

Founder & CEO



Andrew Dupuis



Tylor Kaiser

Sound Recordist

Next Steps...

Let's work together to create something awesome. Send us an email at sabaothfilms@gmail.com.