Daniel Duane Moves To Lexington Kentucky

This fall Daniel Duane packed his bags and headed south for Lexington, Kentucky. The move came suddenly when he got word he was accepted into Graduate school. He plans to spend the next two years in the state working on a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film and TV Production.

Producer Chris Crawfini is holding down the fort back in Michigan, along with the rest of the crew. Daniel hopes that his education will give them the edge that they need to build Sabaoth Films into a full fledged film production and distribution company.

"I have big dreams for this company and I'm going to put everything I have into making this something we can be proud of."

Daniel plans to return to Michigan to work on various projects in between semesters, including a short film that began development earlier this summer.

It's only the "tip of the ice berg", states Daniel, "much more is to come!"

Stay tuned,


Sidney Paige

Staff Writter

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