Michigan’s Newest Film Company – Sabaoth Films

One could say that “story” is the single most essential element of humanity. The urge to tell stories has been ingrained into our DNA since the age of cave drawings. Now days we are surround by it. It’s the age of “Netflix-Binge-Give-Me-Entertainment-In-My-Pocket-At-All-Times”. We crave it, we love it, we can’t go without it. Stories matter more than we will ever know, that’s why Michigan’s newest film company, Sabaoth films, takes a story centered approach to their products.

Their emphasis on “story” puts Sabaoth Films on the map as a niche creator in the commercial media industry. In terms of television ads and music videos, which don’t always utilize narrative story structures, the use of story can be highly effective to sell a product, promote a brand, or represent the artistic meaning of a song. With feature films, Sabaoth excels at script development and puts great emphasis on structure, while also working to tell the most compelling story possible. Couple that with their fully trained crew and you have a force to be reckoned with.

It’s safe to say that Sabaoth Films is on it’s way to becoming one of Michigan’s most sought after media and entertainment creators.

By Sidney Paige

Staff Writer

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