Why Shoot On RED?


If you're a business owner looking to create a top notch advertisement for your company, or a band gearing up to shoot a new music video for your album, or especially a film producer looking for the right equipment for your feature - RED is the camera you want to shoot on.

Why? Without listing all the technical jargon here are a couple reasons. RED cameras have a look that's impeccable and they're cost effective. It's why so many Hollywood movies shoot on RED, like Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers, and The Hobbit. The images are utterly pristine. When it comes to professionalism, whatever your product is (music video, TV commercial, feature film, ect), you know the quality will be sound.

In terms of budgeting for a project, RED cameras are extremely cost effective. They come in at around a quarter of the price of other popular movie cameras and were originally created to help independent filmmakers make films that could compete with Hollywood. It turns out RED was so successful even the big-wig Hollywood filmmakers started using them.

At Sabaoth Films we are professionally trained to shoot on RED as we're dedicated to producing top quality contentĀ for our clients. So If you're not yet convinced that RED is the way to go, just take a look at one of these films below.

Written By Sidney Paige

Staff Writer

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